RFA/ERFA Tender Decisions: 3/9/17

Unrestricted free agent news will obviously dominate the day, but several clubs also had to make decisions on whether to offer tenders to restricted and exclusive rights free agents. All RFA tenders listed are original round/right of first refusal (worth $1.797MM), and all links go to Twitter:







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One comment on “RFA/ERFA Tender Decisions: 3/9/17

  1. browns

    What was the point of the Jets claiming Pennel on waivers if they were just going to non-tender him as a RFA? Could have waited for him to clear waivers and accomplished the same thing.

    Wouldn’t mind the Browns taking a look at Jayrone Elliott. He’s from the Cleveland area and at worst could be a backup OLB and special teams player.

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