Latest On Panthers’ Quarterback Outlook

The Panthers were prepared to part with their current starting quarterback and their No. 8 overall pick for Matthew Stafford, and owner David Tepper appears prepared to approve a guns-blazing push for Deshaun Watson.

Carolina is believed to be in on a few quarterbacks in this complex offseason at the position, according to The Athletic (subscription required), but the team was not viewed as a serious Carson Wentz suitor. Taking it a step further, Sirius XM Radio’s Adam Caplan tweets the Panthers were not interested in the former Eagles passer.

Teddy Bridgewater, offered to the Lions in the Panthers’ Stafford proposal, may not be long for his role as Carolina’s QB1. But the Panthers sat out the Wentz process, joining the Patriots and Broncos — who were also in the mix for Stafford, though the QB did not want to be dealt to New England — in that regard. This led to the Eagles shipping Wentz to the Colts. Philadelphia’s initial ask of a Stafford-type haul for Wentz induced multiple teams to bow out of the pursuit early.

As for the Panthers’ next move, it might not be a trade for Sam Darnold. They do not appear especially high on the Jets quarterback, according to The Athletic, and a growing sense has emerged that Bridgewater may be back at the controls for the 2021 Panthers. Armed with the draft’s No. 2 overall pick, the Jets are mulling a Darnold decision. Multiple teams have inquired on Darnold thus far. Their choice could impact the Panthers, who may be out of position — barring a trade-up maneuver — to snag one of the top three QBs in this draft.

Returning OC Joe Brady remains confident in Bridgewater, per The Athletic. Bridgewater signed a three-year, $63MM deal last March. However, Tepper is said to be hoping the team finds an upgrade — even if Watson cannot be pried from the Texans.

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16 comments on “Latest On Panthers’ Quarterback Outlook

    • Rocket32

      jjd002 He’s also the best thing that’s happened to Carolina. Panthers moves since Tepper bought the team have been pretty solid. You don’t get the chance to trade for a QB like Watson every year. Get the young franchise QB in place and figure out the rest after. Pass on him now and it could be years before they land another QB that’s as good or better then Watson.

      Having Watson over Teddy could’ve easily flipped a good chunk of their losses last year to wins.

      • Ak185

        That’s arguable. Tepper can’t stay out of his team’s football operation-if you can name me a successful meddling owner, he/she’d be the first I’d know of. If anything, Tepper’s may have potential, but as of now, his push has resulted in a lot of firings and not a whole lot of wins. Until those wins come-and they may-he has a long way to go.

  1. amk1920

    Remember when people thought letting Cam go was a bad move because he had a good first 2 weeks in New England.

  2. MileHighFan

    The Panthers should steer clear of the Watson nonsense. Bridgewater is no franchise guy, but you’ll win even less if you empty the cupboard trying to obtain Watson. It’s probably better to simply take a chance on one of the five QBs not named Trevor Lawrence in this year’s draft.

    • afsooner02

      Or realize that’s a wasted pick and wait til 22 to take a qb or trade for another one.

      • Ak185

        Either of these two solutions could work. Because, as good as Watson is, the Panthers would be out quite a few valuable picks and a lot of cap space.

        I wonder how willing Watson would be to restructure for player help. Maybe not next year, but the year after?

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Panthers shouldn’t be that aggressive. They have Bridgewater on the hook for 1 year and he’s decent. I think ultimately you have 3 options. Ideally you draft a QB and have him sit most of not all the year and have him learn the offence, pick up lots from Rhule and Brady and then go hard next season once Bridgewater is gone. Alternatively you don’t like any of the prospects available in the draft so you take a small risk with someone in FA like a Winston, Haskins, Rosen as a young high potential back up and give them time behind Bridgewater and see how they go in practice and learning and potentially they could take over from Bridgewater. And lastly just stay with Bridgewater and hit next year with some cap space and probably another decent pick and again asses your options be it in the draft or FA.

    The main advantage the Panthers have over say the Broncos, WTF, Panthers etc is that Bridgewater is a decent QB and knows the team and system and you can fall back on him. Other teams don’t have that option and they need to make a decision now on who their QB is.

    Personally I’d love to see Wilson or Fields in Carolina but I can’t see them falling back to the Panthers, maybe they move up which would be a great move but only at the right price. Otherwise I’d give Haskins a ring and try him out.

    • ryant1327

      Haskins already signed with the Steelers my dude. Rosen couldn’t beat out Bearthard for the 3rd string job in San Fran.

      Teddy was 0-6 on potential game winning or tying drives last year. He’s a below average arm while Watson is a handful-in-a-generation talent on a team-friendly contract (qb-wise) for the 5 years at age 25. Back in his college state. Close to his home town. Tepper should do anything he can to get Watson.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Watson will just cost to much and Panthers shouldn’t give up heaps for him. He’s not a current top 5 QB. What if you potentially can get something better in the draft without giving up anything.
        Like I said I’d would love for Fields but can’t see it. But like I said Panthers aren’t desperate for their long term QB. They aren’t the broncos or WTF or pats. Bridgewater can serve another year if need. But if you don’t think your getting the right prospect in the draft have a go trying to turn around someone young.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Panthers have an excellent meal ticket with Big Mac so they really only need a QB who’s a capable game manager adept at ball security. Tepper want’s to make a big splash but there are better places to spend those cap dollars than on a high profile QB.

  5. Bill G

    Personally, I would love to see the Panthers get a Left Tackle with pick #8 and perhaps get another offensive lineman in Round #2. It is amazing how much better your QB is when he has time, is not running for his life, or lying on his back.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The problem is that owners and GMs have huge egos and don’t see offensive linemen as the glamor picks that they can brag on. One only has to look at the recent career trajectory of Carson Wentz and Josh Allen to understand the importance of the OL.

  6. Big_E

    It would be stupid to trade for any top star quarterback that would cost a lot of money. If Tepper was smart, which he hasn’t been in my opinion, he should draft a quarterback and let Teddy Bridgewater mentor him for a year or two. I mean let’s be honest, Bridgewater might not be an Excalibur quarterback, but granted the pandemic we’ve had, with no offseason and little time to learn a new system, everyone struggled not just Teddy. I would have flopped too. Draft someone like Mac Jones who is a hard worker and loves the game and will do what it takes to win. Not someone like Watson who has the potential to be egotistical and 4-5 years older. You draft someone like Jones who is younger than Watson, develop him, and save the rest of the money to beef up both sides of the ball. all these owners rush to try to win a Super Bowl but let’s get real, Rome wasn’t built in a day and Super Bowl contender won’t be either.

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