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Davante Adams: ‘No Chance’ For Packers Extension Before Season

Things have changed since Davante Adams‘ contract last came up. Aaron Rodgers ended his holdout and reported to training camp on time. But the reigning MVP’s future is fuzzy beyond 2021. So is his top wide receiver’s.

The Packers and Adams still appear to be at a stalemate. The sides broke off talks in July, but Adams was open to restarting them. However, he and the Packers remain far apart on an extension. Adams said Wednesday there is “no chance” of a deal coming to pass before the start of the season, Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com tweets.

This situation compares to the Steelers’ T.J. Watt talks, with an old-school franchise not giving in on guarantees. The Packers are not willing to give Adams any guaranteed money beyond his signing bonus, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein (on Twitter). While Green Bay was able to keep Aaron Jones this spring, with the running back’s $13MM signing bonus doubling as the deal’s only fully guaranteed money, Adams plays a more valuable position that has a longer shelf life. The Packers are dug in here, per Silverstein, leading to an impasse.

Adams wants a deal that makes him the NFL’s highest-paid wideout. With DeAndre Hopkins‘ outlier $27MM-per-year deal currently occupying that space, it is difficult to imagine Green Bay going there. The Packers could have Jordan Love‘s rookie contract to build around, but some Rodgers dead money would remain on Green Bay’s cap in 2022 — in the event of a trade — going into the third year of Love’s team-friendly deal.

A four-time Pro Bowler going into his age-28 season, Adams would make sense on a Hopkins-type medium-length extension. But the sides are not there yet. Green Bay’s top target will go forward with a contract year.

No deal being finalized before the season would not kill an arrangement to keep Adams in Wisconsin long-term. The Packers signed him to his current deal late in the 2017 season and have the franchise tag to deploy should this situation head to that point of the calendar. While the Packers have not used their tag since 2010, Adams could be worthy of a short-term fix — especially if Rodgers remains in the picture for 2022.

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Davante Adams Wants To Be Highest-Paid WR

Packers receiver Davante Adams is willing to restart extension talks with the Packers, but the wideout made it clear that he won’t be giving the team a discount on his next deal. The receiver told reporters today that he’s “earned the right to be paid the highest” among NFL receivers.

“I’m not gonna too far into details about the numbers and all of that stuff, but I like to say that I’ve outperformed my last contract or my current contract,” Adams said (via NFL.com). “I’m going to keep elevating. At the end of the day, however it pans out, it pans out that way and I’m going to think long and hard about how everything goes. At this point, like I said, I’m here for my teammates and I’m really excited to be back. I told you guys before — I’m a man of my word and I’m ready to play.”

Adams is set to earn $16.8MM next season, and he currently has the third highest cap hit at the position (behind Amari Cooper and Allen Robinson). However, Adams’ earned around $14.5MM per year throughout his current contract, and that AAV ranks 18th among all wideouts. The veteran will surely rise on that AAV list over the next year, whether it be via an extension with the Packers or a free agent contract elsewhere. If Adams truly wants to be the NFL’s highest-paid wideout, he’ll likely be demanding an AAV that rivals DeAndre Hopkins‘ position-leading mark of $27MM+.

Just a few days ago NFL Network was saying things were “now in a bad place” between Adams and the franchise. Apparently news of Aaron Rodgers’ impending return has changed those circumstances, even though it seems like Rodgers could still be on his way out the door in 2022. Rodgers’ agreement with the Packers will apparently give them some extra cap space for this season, potentially making it easier to iron something out with Adams. However, the receiver’s demands are lofty, and it remains to be seen if the organization will dish out that kind of money to retain the wideout.

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Davante Adams, Packers To Restart Extension Talks?

Things are moving quickly in Green Bay. News about Aaron Rodgers has been flying in all afternoon, and now we have an update on another one of their star offensive players.

Just a few days ago we heard that Davante Adams had ended extension talks with the team, but with Rodgers back in the fold Adams is once again “open to a deal,” Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets. Adams “now is willing to listen to any contract discussions the team would like to have,” sources told Schefter.

Rodgers’ agreement with the Packers will apparently give them some extra cap space for this season, potentially making it easier to iron something out with Adams. Just a few days ago NFL Network was saying things were “now in a bad place” between Adams and the franchise.

Apparently news of Rodgers’ impending return has changed those circumstances, even though it seems like Rodgers could still be on his way out the door in 2022. Either way, it’s another welcome development for Packers fans.

Arguably the top receiver in the game, Adams will turn 29 in December and is undoubtedly looking for one last mega-payday as he enters the final year of his rookie contract.

The Fresno State product will be seeking, and will almost certainly get, a record-shattering contract when the time comes. In a follow-up tweet, Schefter confirmed that the newly found cap space from the Rodgers agreement will be used to make another run at an Adams extension. Adams was a first-team All-Pro last year and has made the Pro Bowl four straight seasons.

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Packers, Davante Adams End Talks

The Packers and wide receiver Davante Adams have ended their long-term extension talks (Twitter link via NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport). There are no current plans to resume them, putting the Packers star on course for free agency after the 2021 season. 

The two sides have been talking for months now, but they’ve made little in the way of progress. Rapoport hears that things are “now in a bad place,” so the Packers have now rankled both Adams and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Adams has been pushing to be the league’s highest-paid wide receiver, or something close to it. However, the Packers’ latest offer would have left him shy of DeAndre Hopkins, who holds the top spot with $27.25MM per year on average. Titans receiver Julio Jones is (a distant) second to him with a $22MM AAV. Adams, meanwhile, signed his extension before the WR market ballooned in 2018. As it stands, he’s just the NFL’s 18th-highest-paid receiver with $14.5MM on average.

Adams won’t turn 29 until December and he ranks as one of the NFL’s premier wideouts. The Packers, to their credit, did well to lock Adams down before he had compiled a 1,000-yard season. Now, the Fresno State alum has two 1,000-yard campaigns and a 997-yard 2019, a season in which he played just 12 games. Last year, Adams led the NFL with 98.1 receiving yards per game.

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Raiders QB Derek Carr Would “Welcome” Reunion With Davante Adams

Derek Carr has had a rotating cast of receivers since he joined the Raiders as a second-round pick in 2014. So, when he was recently asked about the opportunity to team up with impending free agent wideout (and former college teammate) Davante Adams in 2022, Carr was naturally on board.

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“I’ve learned in this business, you never shut the door on anything,” Carr said to Bri Mellon of ABC30 (via NFL.com’s Nick Shook). “I know that he’s obviously the best receiver — everyone said one of the best, he’s the best receiver in the NFL. The guy is unbelievable. He’s been one of my best friends since we were in college together. I love the guy.

“I would always welcome to play with him again. I think it would unlock some things in both of us that people haven’t seen yet. I’m always open to that and I will be recruiting very hard. When that time comes, it will be a full-court press.”

Carr was a two-time Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year during his collegiate career, and a big reason for those accolades was the presence of Adams. Carr threw for 9,187 yards between the 2012 and 2013 seasons, with Adams collecting 3,031 yards through the air (plus 38 touchdowns).

While the Raiders have done some work to improve Carr’s receiving corps (including acquiring Antonio Brown and drafting Henry Ruggs in the first round of the 2020 draft), the Raiders have still had a tight end lead the squad in receiving in each of the past three years (Jared Cook and Darren Waller (twice)). Even assuming that Ruggs is able to develop into a top-end starter, the team would surely still be in the market for some receiving help.

Considering the Packers uncertain future at quarterback, it’s only natural that front offices are dreaming of adding Adams to their offense. Of course, Green Bay could end that sentiment by extending the wideout, or they could alternatively franchise the receiver following the 2021 campaign. Still, if Aaron Rodgers is gone, Adams could push for a trade, in which case Carr and the Raiders would presumably be at the front of the line.

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Packers, Davante Adams “Beginning” Talks

Davante Adams has had preliminary discussions with the Packers about his contract (via Paulina Dedja of FOX News). For now, Adams is set to enter the final year of his deal — a now under-market four-year, $58MM pact.

As expected, Adams reported to the team’s mandatory minicamp earlier this month. However, the All-Pro wideout did not participate in any of the on-field work. In essence, Adams avoided the possibility of ~$300K in fines while still sending a message to Packers brass. Now, his camp will continue to push for a new deal, though Adams says he has the Aaron Rodgers situation on his mind, in addition to money.

That’ll play into it, but there’s been talks, just really just talks, but we haven’t really done anything or talked about anything that’s worth mentioning,” Adams said. “It’s kind of just been the beginning stage of talking, and we’ll figure out what happens. Hopefully, something gets figured out, but I’m just there to play ball either way. That stuff will take care of itself eventually.”

Adams, 28, has become one of the NFL’s premier wideouts since signing his extension in December 2017. The Packers did well to lock Adams down before he had compiled a 1,000-yard season — he now has multiple 1,000-yard campaigns, plus a 997-yard 2019, when he played just 12 games. Last year, Adams led the NFL with 98.1 receiving yards per contest and 18 total receiving TDs. Excluding Allen Robinson‘s franchise tag, Adams ranks as the NFL’s 16th-highest-paid receiver.

If Adams and the club can’t reach agreement between now and March of 2022, the Packers could still cuff him via the franchise tag. That wouldn’t be the preferred outcome for either party — the Packers haven’t used it since 2010, when they tagged defensive lineman Ryan Pickett.

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Davante Adams Will Not Stage Holdout

Although Davante Adams reported for Packers minicamp this week, he did not participate in any of the three-day event’s on-field work. Adams is not injured, but the All-Pro wideout kept it light while in a contract year, Matt Schneidman of The Athletic tweets.

This approach could be classified in the hold-in genre, but Adams provided assurances this week his contract will not be an issue come training camp. The eighth-year receiver said he will report to Packers camp in the event he does not have a new deal in hand by then, Tom Pelissero of NFL.com tweets.

The 2020 CBA’s punishments for holding out are stiffer than they were under the 2011 agreement. Teams are no longer able to waive fines for players who hold out. Aaron Rodgers may well go through with one anyway, but his top target is not planning to do so. Adams joined the rest of the Packers’ veteran receivers by skipping those, but the rest of this group did go through minicamp with Jordan Love. The upcoming stretch for Adams proves interesting, given Rodgers’ status.

Adams, 28, has become one of the NFL’s premier wideouts, but his contract no longer reflects it. He signed a four-year, $58MM extension in December 2017. The Packers did well to lock Adams down before he had compiled a 1,000-yard season, correctly anticipating the former second-round pick would break out. Adams now has two 1,000-yard campaigns and a 997-yard 2019, when he played just 12 games, and he led the NFL with 98.1 receiving yards per game last season. The Fresno State alum, however, signed his extension before the receiver market climbed in 2018. Excluding Allen Robinson‘s franchise tag, Adams is now the NFL’s 16th-highest-paid receiver.

While Adams has earned a lucrative third contract, it is not yet certain he will aggressively pursue one with the Packers. Rodgers has undoubtedly helped Adams rise to his current place among receivers, and his top weapon said last month a Rodgers-less future in Green Bay would impact his plans with the Packers. Adams stumped for Rodgers again this week. With the reigning MVP not budging in his quest to leave, Adams signing a long-term extension could tie him to Love and/or another non-Rodgers QB1 for the rest of his prime.

Of course, Adams betting on himself in a season without Rodgers would bring some risk as well. Should he opt against an extension, the Packers would still have the franchise tag at their disposal. They have not used the tag since 2010, when they cuffed defensive lineman Ryan Pickett.

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Davante Adams Expected To Report To Minicamp

The wedge between Aaron Rodgers and Packers management continues to hover over everything else related to the franchise this offseason. But Rodgers’ receivers, after skipping the team’s OTAs, are expected to return for the non-voluntary portion of Green Bay’s spring-summer program.

This includes Davante Adams, whom Ian Rapoport notes is on track to show for minicamp this week (Twitter link). The Packers are set to begin their minicamp Tuesday.

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Adams’ intention to report certainly is a good sign for the Packers, who have seen the former second-round pick blossom into an All-Pro. Rodgers undoubtedly played a featured role in this rise, but Adams is unquestionably one of the NFL’s best wideouts. He is not currently paid like it, however. The Packers locked in Adams on a $14.5MM-per-year deal late in 2017, before he compiled a 1,000-yard season. Adams is currently the 17th-highest-paid receiver.

The current CBA makes it more difficult for players to wage holdouts. Teams are no longer permitted to waive fines for missing training camp, limiting Adams’ options were he to go that route. It does not look like the Packers need to worry on that front, but the prospect of Adams agreeing to another Packers contract has suddenly become a more pressing matter for the team. Adams said last month Rodgers leaving the Packers would make him reconsider his long-term Green Bay future. The 28-year-old receiver’s contract expires after the 2021 season, though Green Bay has the franchise tag at its disposal. The Packers have not used the tag since 2010.

For now, however, the Packers have Adams and his crew — headed by Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Devin Funchess, who is returning after a 2020 opt-out — set to work with Jordan Love for the first time this offseason. With Rodgers still dug in on his quest to be traded, his wideouts training with Love this week could become more relevant when the Packers reconvene for training camp next month.

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WR Davante Adams Discusses Future With Packers

Don’t worry, Packers fans…Davante Adams isn’t pushing for a trade out of Green Bay. However, when asked about the Aaron Rodgers rumors during an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the star receiver admitted that a Rodgers trade would certainly make him rethink his own future in Green Bay.

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“That’s the only [quarterback] that I’ve played with, and we’ve built up a special connection over the years that has put us both in really good positions in our careers,” Adams said (video via The Athletic’s Matt Schneidman on Twitter). “We’ve established a lot together. It would change a lot. It doesn’t mean potentially I’d be gone, but I’d definitely have to do some extra thinking if my guy wasn’t here.”

For starters, it’s not a huge surprise that Adams would be so supportive of his quarterback; other than the 2017 season where Brett Hundley had to briefly fill in, the wideout’s only received passes from Rodgers since he entered the NFL in 2014. Since that time, Adams has made four Pro Bowls, he’s twice exceeded 1,300 yards in a season, and he’s hauled in 62 touchdowns (including 58 scores since 2016). In other words, it’d be a little weird if Adams wasn’t wary of a Rodgers trade.

On the other side, it’s not necessarily a ringing endorsement for the Packers organization (or, if you want to dig a bit deeper, 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love). Unfortunately for Green Bay, they won’t have much of a say in the matter, as Adams is set to hit free agency following the 2021 season (the team could obviously retain the wideout for an additional season or two via the franchise tag, but drama would soon prevail). In the hypothetical world where the Packers do indeed trade Rodgers, it could make sense for the front office to shop Adams even if the receiver doesn’t explicitly ask for a trade.

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WR Notes: Thomas, Adams, Chiefs, Ruggs

Several teams’ receiving situations remain in flux going into the Sunday leg of Week 3. Here is the latest from the marquee pass-catcher position:

  • The Saints will continue to be patient with Michael Thomas. The high ankle sprain the All-Pro suffered will keep him out of Sunday night’s game against the Packers. This will mark just Thomas’ second missed game since his 2016 rookie year and will leave Emmanuel Sanders and Tre’Quan Smith as Drew Brees‘ top receivers.
  • In that game, Aaron Rodgers appears set to work with his younger wideouts. Davante Adams is doubtful for the Packers‘ game in New Orleans, leaving Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling as the top targets for the Sunday night game’s other first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback.
  • With the Raiders attempting to move to 3-0 for the first time since 2002, they will be without Henry Ruggs. The speed merchant played Monday night but suffered a hamstring injury during Las Vegas’ Thursday practice, Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.com notes. Ruggs is also dealing with a knee issue, which he aggravated in the first half of Monday’s win.
  • Ahead of the game of the 2020 season to date, the Chiefs have their No. 2 wide receiver in concussion protocol. Sammy Watkins‘ status is uncertain for Kansas City’s game in Baltimore, and Andy Reid said the seventh-year wideout has encountered a neck problem as well, per Adam Teicher of ESPN.com. The Chiefs are better insured here than most, with 2019 second-round speedster Mecole Hardman on track to play a bigger role were Watkins to miss time. Watkins left the Chiefs’ Week 2 win early after suffering the head injury.
  • As the Cardinals look for their first 3-0 start in five years, Kyler Murray will be without one of his top three receivers. Christian Kirk did not practice this week and is out with a groin injury. The third-year wideout has three receptions for 57 yards this season.
  • The Jets will be without their top receiver Sunday. Jamison Crowder‘s hamstring injury will sideline him for another week. Gang Green already has Denzel Mims on IR and Breshad Perriman out potentially beyond this week, while Crowder replacement Braxton Berrios is questionable to face the Colts.