Poll: Which New Head Coach Will Experience Least 2019 Success?

This year, eight NFL teams decided to make a head coaching change. The teams that hire a new head coach are rarely in a position to win – these are not gorgeous new condos, these are fixer-uppers with creaky floorboards and cobweb-filled basements. 

As a quick reminder, these are the NFL’s new head coaches for the 2019 season:

Recently, we asked PFR readers to choose which coach would have the most success in 2019, and Kitchens got the vote of confidence with LaFleur as the runner-up. Now, we want to know which coach you believe will have the least success in 2019.

Kingsbury finished at the bottom of the aforementioned poll, which is understandable given the Cardinals’ last-place finish in 2018 and Kingsbury’s lack of NFL experience. However, one has to think that Flores has his work cut out for him in Miami as well – the Dolphins are clearly rebuilding and are not in a position to win in 2019.

Which of these eight coaches do you think will have the toughest 2019? Click below to cast your vote (link for app users) and back up your choice in the comment section.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Poll: Which New Head Coach Will Experience Least 2019 Success?

  1. sidewinder11

    I’m not sure how anyone could vote for LaFleur here. You’re kidding yourself if you think the Pack will be worse than AZ, MIA or CIN

  2. Ironman_4life

    Denver is going to be horrible. Elway cannot seem to find a QB. The SB defense is now all gone. I think in the afc west battle for last will be won by Denver. Not the coaches fault. There is no current “mainstream ownership. Blame Elway.

  3. Christopher_Oriole

    Adam Gase. He’s going to a “meh” Jets team, and he wasn’t good in Miami.

  4. itslonelyatthetrop

    Tampa is really going to suffer without a proper QB and in a rough division. They’re probably going to be in the best spot to take Tua in ‘20.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    How about a poll on which NFL coach is most likely to get arrested by the fashion police? The photo suggests Kingsbury is going to present “The Hoodie” with a strong challenge this year.

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