RFA Tender Decisions: 3/9/16

Unrestricted free agent news will obviously dominate the day, but several clubs also had to make decisions on whether to offer tenders to restricted free agents. We’ll round up those decisions here:



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4 comments on “RFA Tender Decisions: 3/9/16

  1. Think for myself

    You spelled redskins wrong, use all team names for rest of nfl but the pre name for redskins….smh…Please stop letting people inform you whats racist and research it yourself.. if several reservations are using the redskins name for their own football team why should it bother you at all?

    • coldbeatle89

      Because WAY more think it’s racist. There are more reservations that are fighting to get them to CHANGE it than “use the name for their own football team.” Come on.

        • Bbone34

          Would Blackskins or Whiteskins or Yeloowskins sound politically correct to you? Redskins is ridiculous and unnecessary.

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