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Eagles, Panthers Not Serious Deshaun Watson Suitors

If the Texans are serious about unloading Deshaun Watson before this year’s trade deadline, they may be down to one interested suitor. The Dolphins appear to be bidding against themselves for the embattled quarterback, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports notes.

In addition to Watson’s off-field trouble, his no-trade clause limits the Texans. Watson is not believed to be interested in being dealt to Philadelphia, Jones adds, while Carolina’s interest cooled months ago. Indeed, the Texans’ conversations with the Panthers did not get far, Joe Person of The Athletic notes (subscription required).

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The Panthers were perhaps the most interested Watson suitor before his off-field issues surfaced. Once the 22 accusations of sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct became tied to his future, the Dolphins have been the only team connected. Despite Brian Flores continuing to indicate confidence in Tua Tagovailoa, owner Stephen Rossinterest in Watson has complicated Miami’s quarterback situation. If Watson is to be dealt before this year’s Nov. 2 deadline, the Ross component would seemingly be what drives such a transaction.

The Carolina and Philadelphia conversations getting out this week may be a last-ditch Houston effort to push Miami to up its offer. The Texans set a historically high asking price for their talented quarterback — three first-rounders and two seconds. But with the Dolphins being the lone team expressing true interest, that stands to drive down the price. That is, unless the Texans are willing to table a trade until 2022.

It would seem that is Houston’s best chance at receiving full value for Watson, whose off-field troubles obviously have a better chance of being resolved by next season. The Texans have deactivated Watson for six games. Doing so for 11 more, thus erasing the QB’s age-26 season, and regrouping for a 2022 sweepstakes — when more teams figure to be in the mix — would make sense. The Texans having that card to play could induce the Dolphins to increase their offer now.

If the Dolphins are to acquire Watson now, the NFL may be forced to act regarding the commissioner’s exempt list. While the 81-year-old Ross is believed to be in win-now mode, the Dolphins — at 1-5 — are unlikely to contend this season. A move before Nov. 2 may be about landing Watson for 2022 and beyond, Jones offers, though a suspension next season likely looms.

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Latest On Dolphins, Deshaun Watson

The Dolphins are operating in “win now” mode, according to sources who spoke with Tony Pauline of ProFootballNetwork. Meanwhile, some in the front office are doubtful that Tua Tagovailoa is the answer at quarterback, further fueling their push for Texans QB Deshaun Watson.

Dolphins execs can’t help but compare Tagovailoa’s performance to that of Justin Herbert, who has his Chargers off to a 4-2 start. Head coach Brian Flores and GM Chris Grier have reportedly tried to pump the breaks on Watson discussions, but owner Stephen Ross wants results and both men find themselves on the hot seat.

The reported asking price — three first-rounders and two second-round picks — is undoubtedly steep, especially since Watson could be suspended by the commissioner’s office as soon as he’s traded. Still, Ross’ win-now directive means that the team is not all that concerned about its future draft capital. Ross seems ready to do whatever it takes, even if that means an enormous gamble on Watson.

The Eagles and Panthers have also chatted with the Texans, though the timing of those talks is unclear. For what it’s worth, Darnold has cooled significantly, throwing six interceptions across three-straight Panthers losses. Meanwhile, the Birds are 2-4 with Jalen Hurts throwing for eight TDs against four INTs.

The Dolphins may or may not have competition, but the clock is ticking either way. If they can’t get a deal done by November 2nd, they’ll have to wait until next year for a shot at Watson.

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Texans Talked Deshaun Watson Trades With Eagles, Panthers

We heard earlier today that the Dolphins were in serious talks with the Texans about a trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson, but they’re certainly not the only suitor. Jeff Howe and Aaron Reiss of The Athletic report that the Texans have also talked trade with the Eagles and Panthers.

This isn’t the first time these two teams have been connected to Watson. The Panthers were mentioned as a potential landing spot early in the offseason, but it was assumed their interest had cooled following the acquisition of Sam Darnold. Following a hot start to the season, Darnold has thrown six interceptions in three-straight Panthers losses. It’s uncertain when the Panthers spoke with the Texans, but it’d make sense if the front office is starting to (once again) rethink their status at QB.

The Eagles have continually been connected to Watson, even through the start of the season. While heard recently that Philly wasn’t in contention for the QB, it’s been a common theme for the Eagles to alternate interest and non-interest in the Texans signal-caller. Former second-round pick Jalen Hurts continues to start for the Eagles, and he’s tossed eight touchdowns vs. only four interceptions despite a 2-4 start.

Meanwhile, Howe and Reiss have additional details on Miami’s interest in Watson, noting that a deal doesn’t appear to be imminent. A few sources told The Athletic that it’s common for “teams to drum up interest in a player” prior to the deadline, so this could ultimately just be an effort from the Texans.

So far, Texans GM Nick Caserio has warded off suitors with a skyhigh asking price — three first-rounders and two second-round picks (or, two starting-caliber players). He’s also been unwilling to accept conditional choices tied to Watson’s availability, but it’s possible that he’ll bend in order to stock up for the 2022 draft and move on from the Watson mess.

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Dolphins, Texans Talking Deshaun Watson Trade

The Dolphins could complete a trade for Deshaun Watson as soon as this week, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. The deadline isn’t until November 2nd, but the Dolphins are aiming to land the quarterback even sooner.

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There’s been conflicting word on the Dolphins’ level of interest in Watson, but owner Stephen Ross seems willing to bring the embattled QB to South Beach. Meanwhile, the ‘Fins have an increased sense of urgency after dropping their fifth straight game to the previously winless Jaguars.

So far, Texans GM Nick Caserio has warded off suitors with a skyhigh asking price — three first-rounders and two second-round picks (or, two starting-caliber players). He’s also been unwilling to accept conditional choices tied to Watson’s availability, but it’s possible that he’ll bend in order to stock up for the 2022 draft and move on from the Watson mess.

Watson has a no-trade clause, but he’d happily accept a trade to Miami. The Saints have also been rumored as a dark horse candidate for Watson, but they don’t seem as motivated as the Dolphins.

If the deal goes down, Watson will have an opportunity to face his former club on November 7th.

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Latest On Texans QB Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is still on the Houston Texans, but team chairman and CEO Cal McNair insinuated that the trade winds could change on a dime. While McNair wouldn’t rate the team’s chances of trading Watson before the November 2nd trade deadline, he did say the situation is fluid and “day-to-day.”

“We’ll just wait and see,” McNair told Aaron Wilson of SportsTalk790. “It’s a day-to-day thing. Nick is in charge of that, so we’ll see how that works out.”

Watson’s initial trade request partly stemmed from the team’s hiring of general manager Nick Caserio and coach David Culley, with the quarterback citing a lack of communication during the process. McNair was asked about the awkward position his GM and HC have been put in, noting they’ve “made the very best of it.”

“I think they’ve been put in a very tough spot, a spot that is not of their choosing and they’ve made the very best of it and sort of worked through it day to day,” McNair said. “So, we’ll see where it goes.”

Meanwhile, a new suitor could emerge in the Watson sweepstakes. While the Dolphins remain the favorite to acquire the quarterback, “some GMs believe the Saints could emerge as a darkhorse,” according to CBS’s Jason La Canfora (and passed along by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald on Twitter). Meanwhile, La Canfora reiterated that the Eagles aren’t in play for the 26-year-old.

The 2-2 Saints haven’t necessarily struggled to find the end zone, and they’re middle-of-the-road with scoring. While Jameis Winston has done an admirable job filling in for Drew Brees, the Saints also rank toward the bottom of the league in both completions and attempts. The team is clearly keeping Winston on a tight leash, and Watson would provide the Saints with a better chance to replicate the high-powered offense they had for more than a decade.

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Eagles Not In Deshaun Watson Mix?

Deshaun Watson is set to go into his fourth game as a healthy scratch for the Texans, but the team is believed to be more open to making a deal. The Texans have softened their asking price for the embattled Pro Bowler.

While the Dolphins are the team most closely connected to Watson, the Eagles have been mentioned as a team monitoring the situation. Philadelphia may be stepping out of the Watson sweepstakes, however, with Fox’s Jay Glazer noting (via Twitter) the team is not currently in the mix for the three-time Pro Bowler.

The legal and civil suits in which Watson is embroiled have torpedoed his trade value, with suitors understandably leery about the quarterback’s availability. The Eagles do have the draft capital to make an interesting offer. Philly has two 2022 first-rounders and would collect a third if Carson Wentz plays 75% of the Colts’ snaps this season. Even if Wentz falls below that threshold, that pick would become a second-rounder in ’22.

Philly also has uncertainty at quarterback. After a strong start, Jalen Hurts‘ audition season has hit an early rough patch. This trend continuing will link the Eagles to the 2022 first-round QB prospects, though that group has not generated the kind of hype the 2020 or 2021 classes did. While the Eagles would make sense as a Watson suitor, the Dolphins may be readier to make a deal before this year’s deadline. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is believed to be behind a Watson trade, even amid the off-field trouble.

This year’s trade deadline is Nov. 2. The Texans would seemingly benefit by hanging onto Watson throughout this season and committing to trade him in the offseason, when more clarity emerges on his availability. If the Eagles are stepping back on a possible 2021 trade, the Dolphins would be in position to benefit — if they are indeed willing to part with notable capital to acquire Watson without knowing what punishment will come to pass.

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Texans “Soften” Asking Price For Deshaun Watson

The Texans have begun to “soften” their asking price for embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. With the trade deadline approaching, it’s possible that Watson could be dealt in the next month. 

Watson made it clear he does not want to play for the Houston Texans,” Glazer said during today’s telecast. “But it’s interesting because while we went into this season, the Texans were not really fielding phone calls. They weren’t open to trade talks unless somebody was going to give them a ridiculous trade offer – more than six draft picks. They’ve already been offered three ones and three threes. However, I was told this past week their stance started to soften a little bit with that.”

The Dolphins remain the “obvious” trade partner for Watson, though owner Stephen Ross seems to be deferring to his less-enthused front office for now. At last check, the Texans had some substantial offers for Watson, though interested clubs want those picks to have conditions attached. Namely, safeguards that would lessen the blow if Watson is suspended or parked on the Commissioner’s Exempt List.

As it stands, Watson could immediately play for any team that trades for him. Still, that could change any minute, pending the outcome of his 22 lawsuits, 10+ police complaints, or the whim of the league office.

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Latest On Dolphins, Texans’ Deshaun Watson

Stephen Ross reportedly wants to bring embattled Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to South Beach. That’s no secret, and that’s a sticking point to the Dolphins’ owner. Ross is unhappy about the late-August leak, according to a source who spoke with PFT

Watson could be a game-changer for the Dolphins, but Ross doesn’t want to overrule his football people who seem less excited about the idea. Ross also seems willing to wait until next year, when there should be more clarity on Watson’s legal situation and availability.

The Texans still want three first-round draft picks (and more) for Watson and they want them to come with zero conditions. That doesn’t sit well with the Dolphins or other potentially interested clubs who know that Watson could quickly be parked on the commissioner’s list. Meanwhile, it’s safe to assume that the Panthers’ interest in Watson has cooled. New QB Sam Darnold has Carolina at 2-0, following last night’s 24-9 drumming over Houston.

Even with Tyrod Taylor sidelined, the Texans turned to rookie Davis Mills on Thursday with journeyman Jeff Driskel as his backup. Even if Ross really wants Watson in Miami, it sounds like the three-time Pro Bowler will remain in limbo for the foreseeable future.

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Texans Won’t Play Deshaun Watson

No surprise here. Despite Tyrod Taylor‘s injury, head coach David Culley says the Texans will not play Deshaun Watson this week (Twitter link via’s Ian Rapoport). 

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Rookie Davis Mills will start on Thursday night when the Texans take on the Panthers. Taylor could be out for more than just one week, of course, but the Texans are awaiting word from doctors on his timeline. Without Taylor, the Browns beat the Texans 31-21. Mills finished the day going 8-of-18 for 102 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Taylor, meanwhile, completed 10 of 11 passes for 125 yards and one TD before he was forced to the sideline.

After the game, Culley declined to say whether Watson could wind up on the 53-man roster. In theory, Watson could be activated as the clipboard holder, but it’d be a shock to see him take the field given the Texans’ stance thus far. To our knowledge, the Texans’ position has not changed — they are willing to trade Watson if another team is willing to forfeit a massive haul of draft picks with zero conditions attached. Otherwise, GM Nick Caserio is ready to pay Watson to not play in 2021 and reevaluate things next year.

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Texans Turned Down Three First-Round Picks For Deshaun Watson

The Texans rejected an offer of three first-round draft picks for Deshaun Watson just prior to the draft in April, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports (h/t The Houston Chronicle). In theory, that’s pretty close to the team’s reported ask of three first rounders plus second rounders and/or starting-caliber veterans.

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There were four teams that were really interested in Watson at one point this offseason, Glazer hears. However, at this point, “most of them have all dropped out.” The Dolphins have been heavily linked to Watson as of late, though there are conflicting reports on their level of interest. While owner Stephen Ross may be high on Watson, two team insiders have heard that he won’t impose his will on the front office. Meanwhile, head coach Brian Flores says that Tua Tagovailoa will continue as his starting quarterback.

The pre-draft offer (and rejection) is certainly notable, but that mystery team may have been offering conditional picks, dependent on Watson’s availability. That’s a non-starter for GM Nick Caserio, who is willing to pay Watson to do nothing in 2021.

Watson is still on the roster, but not on the field. So far, that’s working out just fine for the Texans. On Sunday, Tyrod Taylor led Houston to a 37-21 win over the Jaguars.

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